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The Staff
One of our Guitar Works' greatest assets is our staff of highly trained professionals. Every member of our team is knowledgeable and eager to assist with any and all guitar related matters.

Our management team:

Terry Straker, Owner
After thirty years in the business, Terry continues to provide high quality service and a kind of honesty that is hard to find.

For more about Terry, read our store history.

Steve Siculan, Store Manager
If you email us, Steve will most likely be the guy that answers back. Coming from the proverbial art school background, Steve spent nearly an entire decade as lead salesman for Montgomery Ward Auto Express. We're not sure if there is a connection, but Montgomery Ward went bankrupt and closed down soon after he left. We sincerely hope he never leaves here any time soon.

Steve began his illustrious career at Guitar Works stuffing envelopes in 1996 and has toiled, sweated, clawed and scratched his way to his current position at "the top of the heap". Steve has worked in some capacity at just about every job here at Guitar Works, including everything from ordering merchandise, designing sale signs, selling gear, organizing the rental and lesson programs, changing light bulbs, creating merchandise displays and chasing criminals, to performing repairs and some light plumbing work. Currently, Steve is in charge of the recently installed computer POS system and eBay/internet sales, as well as the development of this website. The majority of the photos used in this website were shot by Steve.

Steve once ate 6 Saltine crackers in less than one minute without the assistance of any liquid. "I'll bury you all!" is Steve's motto and we know he is faithful to that statement. In 1864, Steve shot a man just for snoring. That kind of Wild West attitude shines through in his relentless pursuit of high quality customer service. Uncompromising, wild, a man's man, Steve says there are three ways of doing things: "The right way, the wrong way and my way!"

When not shouting out inappropriate slogans, Steve has been known to perform with various musical groups from the Chicagoland area. On these occasions, he is not allowed to be anywhere near a microphone.


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