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Pete Huttlinger's Website

Voyage-Air Guitar

Boss Effects

Bourgeois Guitars

Calton Cases of Canada

Collings Guitars, Inc.

Conquest Sound (Cables)

Electro-Harmonix (Effects and Vacuum Tubes)

Elixir Strings

Fender Musical Instruments

Fishman Transducers

Godin Guitars (Godin, Seagull, La Patrie, Art & Lutherie)

Hal Leonard Publishing

Highlander Musical Audio Products

Hosa Technology

Huss & Dalton

J. D'Addario & Company (Planet Waves)

Jim Dunlop (MXR, CryBaby, & more!)

Levy's Guitar Straps

Lindy Fralin Pickups

The Martin Guitar Company

Mel Bay Publications

MusicComfort Ergonomic Music Chairs

National Reso-Phonic

Peterson Strobe Tuners

ProCo Sound - Home of the RAT pedal!

Rickenbacker International Corporation

Schertler AudioTransducers

Seymour Duncan Pickups

Shure, Incorprated

Skeptical Guitarist Publications

Taylor Guitars

Tippin Guitar Company

Yorkville Sound (Traynor)


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