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Instrument Rentals
The first time you pick up an instrument, it's kind of a strange feeling. You're not quite sure what to do with it, whether you'll like it, and whether or not you should spend money on something that seems so alien. That's why Guitar Works offers rentals of student model guitars and basses. Whether you want to start on acoustic or electric, nylon or steel strings, we have the instrument (and the amplifier, if needed) that's right for you. We even offer smaller size guitars for children. Instruments/amplifier rentals are $25/month if we have your credit card on file. If you do not wish to be automatically charged every month, we will mail out a bill for $30.00. The auto charge to the credit card reflects a $5.00 "no paperwork" discount. In addition, we will apply up to three months of rental fees towards purchase of any store-owned instrument.

PA Rentals
We understand that not every musician can afford to own his own PA system and not every venue provides adequate support. That's why we've made available a selection of high quality equipment. For rehearsal or your next show, we're the place to call. Please call with all inquiries.

There is a $10 deposit on all rentals in addition to the prices listed above and we do require a valid Visa/Mastercard number as well as a driver's license and Social Security number for rentals.

All prices subject to change. Call or email for details.


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